Who is MOVE?

Jon Zell (guitar, vocals) is the founder and boss man, although he’s not bossy.  The core he’s pulled in around him consists of Rachel Star Albright (vocals), Freddie Joseph Dilworth (guitar, vocals, harmonica), Roland Cruces (bass), and Greggory Moore (percussion, vocals, dancing).  Josiah Miller is usually on drums, with some vocals, to boot.  If there are keyboards, Steve Rice is likely to be playing them.

But MOVE is a modular sort of deal, bringing in different parts as needed for a given project.  Frequent collaborators have included Matthew Proffitt, Sumner LeVeque, Brendan Vasquez, Brandon Baker, Malila Hollow, Benj Clarke, Adam Poe, Michael Malinowski, and Patrick O’Konski.

Then come the special guests:  Ellen Warkentine, Kale Stiles, Ann Louise Thaiss, Alyssandra Nighswonger, Heather Sommerhauser, Freeman Land, Ryan Peña, Andrea Walker, Solange Igoa, Laura Merryfield, Vanessa Luciana, Alanah Ntzouras, Ashley Elizabeth Allen, Rebecca Lynn, Larisa Stow, Josh Fischel . . .  The list gets longer all the time.  Longer than you want to read.

MOVE can also be found backing Thomas Amerman (as the Saint Thomas’ Good Time Jam Band) and Taylor Crawford (as Taylor Crawford and the Artificial Hearts).
544912_486552781463263_612542278_nArtificial Hearts Electric Feel