New MOVEment

July 4, 2015 – Like the Guess Who, we’re an American band, so having us play music in a park (Bixby) on Independence Day is like bringing a duck to water and setting her free. Here’s part of our swim team. 11692481_550794775069691_5710536401881117206_n
(Photo: Richard Shimizu)

June 23, 2015 – Our boy Freddie is featured in this Gazette article (which says we’re “widely considered to be Long Beach’s community band,” which suits us fine) about his fab LONG BEACH MIXTAPE project. Love it!

June 14, 2015 – Today MOVE became the first band ever to play the former Vault 350 venue (you know, that fab deco building on the corner of Pine and 4th that’s sat idle for this entire decade) under the new ownership of John and Michelle Molina. Currently it’s more of a construction site than venue, but that was half the fun. It looked something like this:
El Imagenero Vault3
(Photo: El Imagenero)

March 26, 2015 – On April 18, MOVE debuts at the Grand Prix. How will you be able to hear us with all those cars whizzing by? Maybe they’ll be stopping during our two 45-minute sets? Right now we don’t even know exactly where we’re playing, but ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. Details to be provided on our calendar as they become available.

March 25, 2015 – It’s exactly one month since we celebrated the 72nd anniversary of George Harrison’s birth by playing All Things Must Pass in its entirety at Fingerprints. Check out this just-finished video (a three-camera shooT!) of “Isn’t It a Pity”. Where? Here!

February 24, 2015 – We’re one day away from our tribute to George Harrison by playing All Things Must Pass in its entirety (well, not the “Apple Jam,” but all the rest) on what would have been his 72nd birthday. We got a nice mention in the OC Weekly today.

January 1, 2015 – We’re very bad at updating this section. But Happy new year to you!

June 16, 2014 – When we got offered the chance to perform Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon (which we’ve done twice before) in a cemetery at sunset directly prior to a screening of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, we didn’t think we’d be able to do it, because we had only weeks to pull it together, and it takes a dozen of us to do it. But it turns out everyone we need is able to make it happen, and we couldn’t be more excited. Hop on over to our calendar page for info and to purchase tix.

May 9, 2014 – Well, right now the big news is:  WE HAVE A WEBSITE.  If you tool around, you’ll see that one of its nifty features is an Instagram feed running along the right side of certain pages.  Such as this one.  Really.  Just look >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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